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A podcast about sexual acceptance in and around eproctophilia. We take a deep dive into sexuality by asking and processing some of the difficult whats, whys, and hows of living with odd and obscure fetishes. This is not a talk show about farts, it’s an exploration of human sexuality.

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17 hours ago

Darryl joins us to discuss his personal experiences in communicating with romantic partners about his fart fetish and their enthusiastic participation with it. He delves into the allure of the taboo and private nature of the fetish, as well as the intimacy that comes from being privy to a hidden aspect of a partner's life.
By candidly sharing a glimpse into his everyday life, Darryl demonstrates to fellow fetishists the importance of self-acceptance and open communication in finding compatible and eager partners. As Darryl puts it, "you're gonna be alright."
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Friday May 05, 2023

KT is a standup comedian and a fart fetishist that considers the fetish to be not only useful and sexually freaky but also trailblazing. He’s a great example of an idea he speaks of in stanning who you are, be a fan of yourself and stand proudly in all the aspects of yourself.
He paints a vivid picture of some of his experiences with women he met who indulged the fetish, likely in no small part due to his confidence in talking about himself and the fetish with sexual partners. KT relays how he came to discover this fetish in himself during oral sex with a partner and how sharing this fetish with subsequent partners continued to be positive if not fruitful experiences. He talks very hopefully about the idea that women can be and are very much into this as much as men.
KT shares some of his favorite fart content creators and even hints that some of these creators may realize they are or even become fetishists themselves. He also speaks quite fondly of loving large booty as an accompanying fetish. We also talk about some of our favorite kinds of farts, the aspects, and themes we enjoy.
Find the podcast and resources at FartFetishPodcast.com
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Friday Apr 07, 2023

Master Jayden is a video creator and a bisexual fart fetishist on to discuss the fetish origins for him as well as discuss some of the aspects he enjoys such as the masculinity, attitude, and intimacy of a partner being comfortable farting around him. 
He shares a bit about how he treads the line of being a good content creator while also giving back to the community and balancing his personal life aspects with his adult creator side. We talk about being a creator on OnlyFans and the painstaking work Master Jayden has undertaken in marketing his content. He has even become the subject of controversy as a victim of his own business success. 
I talk about the importance of showing fetishists as normal people and recall back to speaking with Dil and Jules about leveling up fetishists for awareness in regards to their online interaction and getting introspective. Jayden shares about feeling crushed in his youth when reading some of the poorly researched articles on fart fetish that didn’t validate his sexual expression and I rant on the need for fresh information on this fetish to be published and circulated. 
Jayden shares a bit about the accountability and protective nature of the gay side of the fetish versus a mostly individualistic and capitalist perspective among straight fetishists and creators. He also explains fart meetups and we discuss whether or not they constitute cheating in an otherwise monogamous relationship.
Together we touch on the fetishist NPCs, or less self-aware commenters, making inappropriate comments especially those sexualizing videos which are not inherently sexual. We also discuss the difficulty but need for talking about this fetish with close partners and trusted friends because that is the only way to help raise awareness and improve understanding. Normalization brings comfort but normalization can only come through conversation. 
We begin to close out the episode talking about male self-image and expression, as well as the rise of negative role models like Andrew Tate. We are at a growing pains moment in which toxic masculinity and confused desperation is commodified for profit and this continues to perpetuate outdated ideas which then circulate more disaffected men into a social space that is rapidly changing. 
Look for MasterJaydenGas on OnlyFans
Find the podcast and resources at FartFetishPodcast.com
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Friday Mar 03, 2023

Amy of the YouTube channel Amy Farts joins us on the podcast to talk about how she got started with her channel and why normalizing women’s flatulence is an important mission for her. We talk a bit about her progression from joking about farts with family to becoming a fart normalizing lifestyle vlogger. She also discusses some of the ignorance she’s had to face from ex-boyfriends, acquaintances from the community, and others who can’t grasp the anti-human idea of shaming people for their bodily functions. 
We also talk about the newfound personal comfort Amy has as a result of the positive response on her channels. We also touch on the nature and nurture origins of this fetish, intimacy and taboo aspects, as well as the normal people across the professional and economic spectrum that have or explore this fetish. Amy has embraced and continues to work on living her truth and encourages others to do the same without shame however they can.
Look for AmyFarts on YouTube, Twitter, OnlyFans, and other platforms
Find the podcast and resources at FartFetishPodcast.com
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Friday Feb 03, 2023

One half of Acarraca, a polyamorous couple and adult content creators, joins the podcast today to discuss working on their PornHub channel and give us a first glimpse into the world of male-on-female domination content. Acarraca caters to the face sitting, smothering, ass worship, and farting niches though he speaks of an openness towards a variety of fetishes.
We talk a bit about how they got started in making adult content and their mission to fulfill a gap in the space by bringing forward male-on-female domination videos which are not nearly as prominent as other themes. He shares a bit about their specific enjoyment of the humiliation and degradation aspects which also align with their personal sexual interests when the cameras are off. Acarraca also shares some of his interests both in kink and personally when he’s not making content.
Together we get into a bit about kinks and fetishes challenging established relationship paradigms as well as the benefits of not tempering your unique interests to fit social norms especially as it relates to kink. It’s in being our true selves that we can exude the energy to attract the kind of person we deeply desire. We also get into the difficulty of a convincing performance when it comes to domination in videos and the challenges of being an adult video producer such as running up against subjectively applied content guidelines and amorphous appeals processes.
Look for Acarraca on PornHub and Fetlife 
Find the podcast and resources at FartFetishPodcast.com
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Friday Jan 06, 2023

Dil and Jules both make a return to the podcast and we hear about the mostly positive words of support they received from their previous appearances. They also break down how the gay eproctophilia community works to call out bad actors and we discuss the importance of remembering everyone’s humanity both online and off. 
We ponder over kinks that can be enjoyed only as a pure fantasy, like vore, versus those that one might be able to experience in person. I also razz Jules about his hesitation to get more active in online communities when he already exhibits such great confidence in talking to his friends in real life. We talk a bit about the hopeful future Gen Z may have with sexual acceptance more broadly but also the limitations within society as it is right now and what it might take to challenge the status quo.
Dil also shares about his journey in joining OnlyFans amid mixed feelings on monetization. This inevitably leads me into a brief reality check on the near requirement of total monetization under survival capitalism. We also parse out the deeper dichotomy of the farter and sniffer roles when it comes to trading personal fart videos online versus meeting up for fart play with someone. And we talk about the expectations of content creators in this space of parasocial relationship between creator and consumer.
Dil and Jules also spend some time discussing the necessary second coming out of the closet for homosexual fetishists as well as talk against the presumed notion of the majority that vanilla is the norm. We also dive into what the fetish future looks like to them, the importance of content made with female fetishists in mind, incels and male role models, and the need for introspection and discussion around this fetish with others. 
Find the podcast and resources at FartFetishPodcast.com
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Friday Dec 02, 2022

Tarik speaks about his experience and perspective on the fetish including a mutual enjoyment of farting and Tarik's desires to encourage farting openness with friends and partners by being the first to break the taboo barrier. We also talk about fetishist misconceptions and expectations as well as debate with whom it's right to be sharing fart fetish desires and intents.
As we dive deeper, we discuss the importance of fart fetishists controlling the conversation around this fetish, reactions in talking with non-fetishists, the diversity of enjoyment among fart fetishists, and what broad normalization of farting might look like. We ask whether it is or is not exploitation to sexually bank an experience of a friend farting around someone they didn't know was a fart fetishist. Tarik and I also theorize on if growing urbanization in Asian countries like India drive bodily functions like farting into taboo status.
Find the podcast and resources at FartFetish.info
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Friday Nov 04, 2022

Naomi shares about his crossdressing desire to experience a slutty, hyper feminized version of womanhood. We talk about the interplay of hyper feminization and aspects of human dirtiness like farting as well as if a more feminized appearance of a woman makes farting more appealing to those who like taboo or not. We also ponder what feminization looks like today versus in years past, we dig deeper into his experiences and fetishes, and we ask which practice domination versus taboo is the more intimate exploration of the fetish. 
We also spend some time discussing the scat fetish (coprophilia) and talk about how varied and nuanced fetishes can be. Naomi and I also share thoughts about withholding farting as an aspect of the illusion of womanhood and we question if sound is the most widely appreciated single aspect among fart fetishists. We also discuss a bit about anal sex and if that's a path to the normalization of farting. Naomi also talks about his early fascination with the anus and how that has driven his fetish evolution into farting and scat. Are we all on our own personal journey to the anus? Does farting becoming normalized kill taboo?
Find the podcast and resources at FartFetish.info
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Friday Oct 07, 2022

Raz relays to us his overarching enjoyment of fart fetish deriving from virility and masculinity. He talks about a strong desire for male bonding in his youth but really only connecting with like minds in more recent years online. We discuss the difficulties of this fetish with most connections being made online and about feeling alienated due to the taboo nature of fetishes in society. 
An interesting theory proposed by Raz with his research, incorporating ideas of pheromones and gut bacteria, is questioning whether fart fetish should even be considered a paraphilia. Should our internal pheromones and an attraction to them be considered abnormal? Are there a lot more people in the world hiding or lying to themselves about odd sexual things they’d enjoy exploring?
As Raz and I dig in on the smell aspect, I ask whether the more potent fart smell comes from a sign of poor diet and/or health so therefore a healthy gut would produce less smelling farts. I also spend some time pondering on our transition to people from humans as we stray further from the natural world. What is unnatural but that which society deems taboo?
Find the podcast and resources at FartFetish.info
Works Referenced:
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Friday Sep 02, 2022

Victoria is on to discuss some of her experiences being a woman with a fart fetishist and existing within predominantly male dominated spaces. We also talk about the prevalence of most adult content being aimed at male fantasies with substantially less attention paid to female viewers. 
Victoria explains her recognizing the fetish in herself when she stumbled upon fart videos on the earlier days of YouTube. She talks about enjoying watching aspects like the embarrassment while farting and the relief after it passes. I also ask her opinion on if female fart fetish creators have the fetish and would the content change if they did. Is creating desirable adult content a matter of empathy?
Find the podcast and resources at FartFetish.info
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